Warm regards from Rio

Warm regards from Rio

 I just come back from Rio where we organized with Storz the first Brazilian Wrist Arthroscopy Course with corpses. This course was successful and we can thank Joao Recalde Rocha, Deise Godinho and Storz for their involvement in the organization of this course. The demand was stronger as foreseen and some surgeons came from Argentina only for it !!!

We received demands from Venezuela and other South America countries. As this course followed upon a course in Recife (with the help of Rui Ferreira and Mauri Cortez) and a congress with live-surgery to Rio (130 persons), we can reasonably think that the demand for wrist arthroscopy courses is strong in this country. The implication of Storz in the realization of these future courses seems logical and in the line of the company.

So, I think that we can envisage wrist arthroscopy course once a year in a regular way in Brazil.


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