The European Group of Wrist Arthroscopy, European Wrist Arthroscopy Society, was created on the 19 th of March 2005 by the initiative of Prof. Christophe Mathoulin (Paris - France) helped and supported by Mr. Jean-Jacques Dupuy from Storz and by a group of enthusiastic surgeons of various interests.

The working patterns for this assembly was split up in several parties:
- Analysis, discussion and creation of the foundation for:

  • Course Project of the IRCAD/EITS
  • European course Project
  • Scientific Publications
  • IT Project
  • Approach of the « technical and instrumentation » problems

The Status were accepted and signed by all the present members:

  • Michel Levadoux Hopital Sainte-Anne Toulon - France
  • Xavier Martinache Clinique Reims - France
  • Michel Rigault Clinique Les Cédres Brives la Gaillarde - France
  • Pierre Mouton Institut Aquitain de la Main Bordeaux - France
  • Philippe Samson Institut de la Main Marseille - France
  • Christian Dumontier Institut de la Main Paris - France
  • Christophe Mathoulin Institut de la Main Paris - France
  • Philippe Moreel CHU Clermont-Ferrand - France
  • Philippe Tchenio Centre de la Main Toulon - France
  • Marc Limousin CHU Pr. Fontaine Lille - France
  • Antoine Cousin CHR Fort de France Martinique - France
  • Jane Messina Milan - Italy
  • Ferdinando Darin Cortina d'Ampezzo ITALIE
  • Sherif Wilson Bristol ANGLETERRE
  • Sherif Amin Le Caire EGYPTE
  • Didier Fontes Paris
  • Philippe Roure Paris
  • Max Haerle Luxembourg Allemagne
  • Massimo Masserella Perugia ITALIE
  • Christophe Camps Nancy
  • Vytautas Gasiunas Vilnius LITUANIE

Many French surgeons and foreigners not being able to be present had given their agreement in principle:

  • Jérome Garret Lyon
  • Jean-Michel Cognet Strasbourg
  • Hervé Pichon Grenoble
  • Pierre Mouton Bordeaux
  • Jean-Luc Pellat Marseille
  • Caroline Leclercq Paris
  • Michel Schoofs Lille
  • Minh Khauh Nguyen Toulon
  • Christophe Michaut Toulon
  • Amadio Marti Toulon
  • Constantin Drossos BELGIQUE
  • Sami Roukos Beyrouth LIBAN
  • Daniel Cloutier Québec CANADA
  • Philippe Liverneaux La Rochelle
  • Michel Rongières Toulouse
  • Olivier Delattre Martinique
  • Claude Serra HR Martinique
  • Laurent Obert Besançon
  • Bouali Amara Montpellier
  • Ferdinando DARIN Cortina d'Ampezzo ITALIE
  • Dominique Della-Santa Genève SUISSE
  • Philippe Pradel Grenoble
  • José Médina Iles Canaries ESPAGNE
  • Grégorio Martinez-Villen Zaragosse ESPAGNE
  • Riccardo Luchetti San Marin ITALIE
  • Andréa Atzei Vérone ITALIE
  • Tommy Lindau Holsingborg SUEDE
  • Jean-Noel Goubier Pontault-Combault
  • Gérard Gaujoux Aix -en-provence
  • Christian Thomas Toulon
  • Mario Lando Trente ITALIE
  • Jacques Sellah La Réunion
  • Paolo Panciera Silea ITALIE
  • Carla Baldrighi Vérone ITALIE
  • Dimitri Yanni Londres ANGLETERRE
  • Lorenzo Rocchi Rome ITALIE
  • Philippe Bellemere Nantes
  • Guillaume Robert Marseille

This is therefore by a wide European consensus, indeed more, than this corporation was created under the lawful form of an association law 1901.

The Aim is:

  • Teaching of the wrist arthroscopy
  • Creation of scientific works on a large scale -
  • Coordination of the activity of the members by a website

This corporation received the support of many corporations:

  • Federation of the European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH)
  • La Société Française de Chirurgie de la Main (SFCM-GEM)
  • La Société Française d'Arthroscopie.
  • Websurg.com


I salute your leadership and accomplishment with EWAS.  It continues to amaze me that as I began to explore the possible reliable application of arthroscopy and arthroscopic surgery to the wrist twenty years ago that it would prove so useful to so many surgeons and patients.  I am impressed with the continued improvements and techniques that have been developed, and I thank you for sustaining the growth and expansion of these techniques through education and fellowship.

Sincerely yours,

Terry Whipple ( 2012/12/12)

October 29th 2012

Dear Terry

I want to thank You in the name of EWAS for the continuous help and support You are giving to us.

Not only the scientific and moral support but once more with a generous and substantial financial support.

We are grateful for that and want to assure You that we will do another supplementary support to the Whipple Prize in our board meeting in Strasbourg in 3 weeks.

Max Haerle


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