Dear IWAS Members,

Dear IWAS Members,

Please find the 2022 G.A. minutes here

Last Friday the IFSSH/FESSH 2022 ended in London. This was the first live major Hand Surgery meeting after the flare up of the Covid pandemic. All of us were very happy to attend in person and meet up with colleagues from all over the world.

The IWAS session was a great success. The room was packed: some attendees had to stand in the back as all seats were full. Also, the arthroscopy session with all IWAS faculty filled up the main auditorium. Arthroscopy is very much alive! Thank you all for attending!

We have learned that there is some confusion among the members, but we can reassure you: We are and remain all IWAS members. EWAS was solely recreated to be able to continue collaborating with our friends at the European Societies. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, but as seen at the IFSSH in London, IWAS is very much alive and strong!
We are proud to present the new IWAS Council with incoming members in bold:



Mireia Esplugas, vice Secretary General (Spain)
Michel Levadoux, President (France)
Greg Bain, Past President (Australia)
Steve Moran, President Elect (USA)
Lorenzo Merlini, Treasurer (France)
Jan Ragnar Haugstvedt, Teaching Committee (Norway)
Marion Burnier, Teaching Committee (France)
Abhijeet Waheganonkar, Scientific Committee (India)
Matthew Brown, IT Committee (UK)
Toshi Nakamura, J Wrist Surgery (Japan)
Eva-Maria Baur, Webinar Committee (Germany)
Mireia Esplugas, Relationship Committee (Spain)
Advisory Board Eva-Maria Baur (Germany) Riccardo Luchetti (Italy) Christophe Mathoulin (France) Greg Bain (Australia)
IT IWAS Jean-François Pannas
Secretarial office Paola Valerio

Looking forward to seeing you at future meetings and workshops.
Best wishes,

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