IWAS Webinar

6th December : Foveal reattachment

4pm CET  (in progress)

25th October : Carpal fractures [Advanced]

4 pm CET (in progress)

27th September : My technique for proximal ...

4 pm CET  (in progress)

26th July : TFCC Repair - anatomy and ...

4 pm CET   (in progress)

31th May : My technique for SL dissociation ...

4 pm CET/CES  (in progress)

19th April : All around Ganglia [Basic]

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8th March : Ulna impaction Syndrome ...

4 pm CET/CEST Register Now here  

23th February : My technique for scaphoid ...

4 pm CET/CEST  (in progress) Register now click here

26th January 2024 : Basics in Wrist ...

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